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DIY Flying Survival Kit


We are going to Utah for the weekend and I seriously could not be more excited! I LOVE the west all the time, but fall is my favorite season and so far we have not had even a hint of fall here in Georgia. I am so excited to see all the beautiful colors and to actually have a reason to wear a jacket, haha, but more important than the weather, I am so excited to get to hang out with Claire and her cute family and spend the weekend with Brandon’s family, too. It’s going to be so wonderful. The only thing standing between us and Utah is a four hour nonstop flight. Truth be told, I feel like we’ve got this flying thing in the bag (knock on wood). This will be my 7th time flying with Ella and we’ve had more good flights than bad ones. The only thing that’s making me a bit nervous about this one is that it’s not overlapping with nap time at all and it’s our first flight since Ella stopped nursing. I think we’ll be okay, though, because of this awesome DIY Flying Survival Kit that I put together.


My plan of action is three fold: Sleeping accommodations, entertainment, and plenty of snacks and treats

Sleeping accommodations: Even though our flight doesn’t fly during a nap time, a mom can still dream, right? And on top of that, Ella’s sleeping supplies also double as comfort items for her as well. Ella still has some serious “stranger danger” so I’m definitely including her blanket and her binky to help her be more comfortable even if she doesn’t sleep. I’m also including her baby carrier. She sleeps better in this than she does on my lap, and it also keeps her strapped to me, which is an added bonus anytime on the plane/in the airport.

* Side Note * Your baby can’t actually be strapped into a baby carrier during takeoff and landing, but I still think it’s super worth bringing.

Entertainment: As far as entertainment goes, I wanted to pack things that were small, not noisy, not messy, but still entertaining for Ella. She’s is young enough still that structured activities aren’t really her thing yet, so that narrows down our options pretty fast. She really really loves her stuffed toys right now, though, so I’m letting her pick one to bring with her on the plane and we also packed a couple of her favorite books. She also loves coloring, but I didn’t want the plane to become Ella’s next canvas, so I totally splurged and got a Color Wonder coloring kit to keep her entertained. Besides those things, we loaded up the iPad with Elmo videos and alphabet/number games and we got some children’s headphones for Ella to wear on the plane. We let her try them out tonight and she loved them. I think they’ll be a big hit.


Snacks and Treats: This is the part of the kit that I’m most excited about! I got this container that has several different compartments in it and I put a different food in each compartment and I decked out the lid with animals galore! The goal is that she will practice her animal sounds/recognition in order to eat the snacks. This might be a lofty goal, but regardless, she’ll have plenty of snacks and treats to get her hyped up just in time to play with Grandma and hopefully keep her happy the whole flight.

Flying with a toddler is no small feat. That's why we made this Flying Survival Kit. Check it out at joyful-today.com!

What has worked for you as far as keeping toddlers entertained while traveling? I’d love to hear your tips & tricks in the comments below!


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  1. Claire Brooks

    September 30, 2016 at 3:48 pm

    I’m going to comment on this because this post was $$$.

    for SURE going to refer to this next time we need to fly.

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