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DIY Watercolor Roses


The first weekend in October we were both going on vacation so we though – why not go together?! It was a blast to get to spend the weekend together (and our husbands enjoyed their bonding time, too). One of the best parts of vacation is getting a chance to be creative in ways that normal life doesn’t always let you. On this trip we got the chance to learn how to paint with watercolors from Brandon’s super talented sister, Chelsea, and it was SO MUCH FUN! And in all honesty, it was pretty easy to pick up the basics, too (and this is coming from Alisa – who has zero artistic ability).

We ended up painting some floral wreaths and what started out as the hardest and most daunting element – the roses – ended up being the most fun to paint. Thanks to Chelsea we both ended up with wreaths that we love enough to hang in our daughters’ rooms. These roses were too much fun to keep to ourselves, but we thought it’d be better give it to you straight from the artist’s mouth

Step by step instructions for DIY watercolor roses to help even a beginner feel like an artist for a day! From joyful-today.com


In addition to these awesome step-by-step instructions we learned some other tips along the way:

  • Use a smaller brush in the center and increase in brush size as you go out
  • Increase the amount of water you use as you go out, the center should be the darkest part
  • To make more realistic roses have the petals touch and make the outer petals less uniform
  • For more of a stylistic look leave a little space between the petals and keep them pretty uniform
  • Adding just a hint of yellow to outer petals can give your rose a nice sun-kissed look

Once we got the hang of these we moved on to painting our wreaths, check back soon for the juicy details of that project! In the mean time, try these out and let us know how it goes in the comments 🙂


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