Honey Did

You’ve probably heard of a “honey do list.” This is our Honey Did List! Our little way of remembering and recognizing the special little things our husbands do that makes us fall in love all over again. But first, let us introduce them!




In my opinion, I have the cutest husband in the world. I just think he is adorable and I feel so lucky to be his wife.


Brantley was born in Portland, Oregon and grew up there until he was 16 when his family moved to Idaho Falls, Idaho. He was a stellar basketball player (still is) and loved doing normal teenage boy things like playing guitar and shooting off fireworks.


Brantley and I met in 2013 in my very first class at BYU-Idaho. It was a 7:45 class and all about family studies. He told his mom the first day he was walking to class that he didn’t think he could stay in the course because it was so early, but after he saw me, he decided to stick with it 🙂 and I am so glad he did!


I thought he was so cute but of course would not talk to him because I thought NO WAY could he be interested, but then one day he told me I had a cute dress and walked me to the library. I was so nervous!! We had our first date a couple of nights later and have been inseparable ever since J


A few more things about him…


>from Oregon/ Idaho Falls

>likes to play Basketball

>a stud on guitar

>served an LDS mission in Hawaii for two years

>loves his mom

>likes to be goofy

>makes me laugh

>studies accounting

>brought me flowers on our second date

>drives safe

>brings me soup when I’m not feeling well

>likes roller-coasters

>knows awesome magic tricks

>dominates in ping pong

>likes to make fun bets

>loves “the Beetles” and “Jack’s mannequin”

>loves asking hypothetical questions just to make you think

>a bit of a health nut

>believes drinking water is the fountain of youth

>washes windows

>cares about the important things

And there you have him!

Maya and I are just the luckiest 🙂

20131127_0149copy_zpsdd7cb938This awesome husband of mine was born in the same hospital as I was! But unfortunately we didn’t meet until more than a couple decades later.Brandon grew up as the seventh of eight children in the Seattle area. He played football all through high school and ran long distance in track. He still really loves football and it’s a good thing, too, I had two “must-haves” on my husband wish list, and that was one of them! I got way more than I ever imagined when I fell in love with him.


We met over pie shakes through a mutual friend while we were going to school at BYU-Idaho. I knew my friend was bringing someone for me to meet and when I saw Brandon across the diner I really hoped it was him. After a slow start (I was totally into him, but somehow he couldn’t tell I was flirting) we started dating a few months later and the rest is history!


Here are a few things I love about him:

+He is the hardest worker I’ve ever met

+He blinks really fast when he laughs and it makes me heart melt

+He gave me tickets to my very first concert (fun.) for my first birthday with him. Literally the best birthday present ever

+He speaks Laotion and Mein

+He has dark blue eyes and I am so soo glad Ella got her eyes from him

+He looks at Ella like he is seeing her for the first time every day

+He loves ice cream even more than I do

+He is loving and patient and laid back – everything I need

+He served a two year LDS mission in Sacramento, California

+He jokes around more often than he is serious

+He’s an awesome pianist

+He loves The Office and Parks and Rec

+He is incredibly business minded

+He is an accounting major

+He will always do what is best for his family

+He can quote movies like no one’s business

+He cares so much about my happiness

+He talks in his sleep

+He is not scared of anything (or so it seems to me)

+He inspires me to be better

+He is a window washer

+His favorite football teams are the Ohio State Buckeyes and the BYU Cougars (we have a fun rivalry)

+Okay, I could go on, and on and on and on, but in short…

He’s a keeper 🙂 Ella and I would be lost without him



banneralisa 1July 5, 2015 – After waking up on the wrong side of the bed and being late for church, Brandon asked me if I had eaten breakfast. When I told him I hadn’t, he got up and left (I thought he was just going to his class) only to return with a small bag of some of my favorite snacks. Seriously, is there anyone in the world who doesn’t have their day made by surprise food? 🙂

alisa 1  August 14, 2015 – Ella and I had spent a week at my parent’s house while Brandon was at home working. When we got home not only was the house cleaned, but Brandon had hung up the pictures I wanted hung AND he put together Ella’s new big girl crib 🙂
alisa 1September 24, 2015 – I had a little “melt my heart” moment the other day when Brandon showed me his list of goals for the semester. One of his goals is to do an out of the ordinary act of kindness for me and Ella every day. Oh, and he set consequences for himself, too – If he doesn’t meet one of goals he has to buy me a drink. I LOVE drinks. He pretty much set it up to be a win-win for me 🙂
alisa 1October 17, 2015 – We spent the weekend with all of Brandon’s family for his brother’s wedding. On Saturday we took family pictures, and let me tell ya, getting all those people ready for pictures is a feat! On the way home almost everyone stopped to get some dinner, but Ella had had enough and we went straight home to put her to bed. Brandon’s sister picked up dinner for all of us who went home, but the restaurant had messed up the order and I was left without dinner :/ It should not have been a big deal, but something about not eating for a long time makes me weepy, haha. Anyway… to make this long story shorter… Brandon went to the store not long after to get diapers and other essentials and came back with one of my favorite burgers for me. What a stud 🙂
claireNovember 6, 2015- Yesterday I was just in the crankiest mood. There was no reason, other than just being tired and the feeling of needing to get everything done in the whole world in 2 hours (has anyone else had that feeling?) Sweet Brantley invited me to watch a basketball game with him earlier and I felt so bad that I was so grumpy during the whole thing. I ended up just going up to our room and being sad. Then, my sweet boy brought in my favorite flavor of kiwi loco (frozen yogurt) kissed my forehead and let me have a minute to myself. I don’t know what it is about frozen yogurt but I just cannot be sad when I’m eating that stuff. Thank you Brantley!

November 20, 2015 – WHERE TO BEGIN! My husband has been such a champ as we have welcomed little Maya into our family. It has been a crazy couple of weeks, especially with my crazy emotions. He has been so kind to me. When Maya was about 4 days old, I really hadn’t slept at all. I was too scared to at night and in the day I was just feeding her all the time. I finally got the opportunity to take a nap after a good long cry When I woke up, I found a hot cocoa and a sweet note waiting for me from my precious husband. Man I love him!


Another day, Brantley came home with a sweet Santa mug filled with hot cocoa packets (you can tell hot cocoa is the way to my heart) as well as new gloves and a peppermint stick. It was the sweetest thing! It made my day and made the emotions of motherhood kind of hit the back burner as I remembered what a sweet man I married.claire





claireI will probably do a post dedicated just to this one because I can’t even tell you how much it meant to me. When Maya was 5 days old, we started to notice she had a real spit up problem. She couldn’t keep anything down. We had a real scare when she choked on some of her spit up. Her face turned red and we had to turn her over and hit her back until it came up again. I was terrified. Brantley stayed up with her ALL NIGHT LONG. He never slept. I can’t believe what an amazing dad and husband this man is.




November 18, 2015 – One thing that I am beyond grateful about Brandon is that he keeps me laughing. When he was driving me to class this afternoon we were behind an SUV with California plates that somehow still had snow/ice on it from the night alisa 1before (literally all the other cars had no signs of the mini-storm we had had the night before). We noticed this at the same time and he turned to me and said, “He’s from California, he hasn’t adjusted to the climate here, yet.” 🙂



 November 21, 2105 – This morning Brandon got up with Ella and let me sleep in until after 9:00 AND when he got out of the shower I was cleaning up the kitchen and he came in and swept/mopped the floor and took out the trash without saying a alisa 1word 🙂 p.s. I sleeping in until 9 and getting excited about someone else doing my housework qualifies me as a real live adult now 🙂


November 22, 2015 – Okay, this one was just really special to me. Today at church I had Ella with me for Relief Society (because Brandon plays the piano in Priesthood Meeting so he can’t take her with him). After a little while I felt a tap on my shoulder I turned around to see Brandon! He had come back after playing the piano to take Ella! The lesson that we had in Relief Society was very moving for me personally and I wouldn’t have been able to get everything I needed out of it if I had been wrestling with my adorable 9 month old.


alisa 1 November 23, 2015 – Today has been a crazy day as we are trying to prepare to leave town tomorrow for Thanksgiving and there is just so much to do. I almost didn’t go to my workout group tonight because I could just feel everything piling up and our house looked like a bomb had just gone off, but I did anyway. When I got home Brandon had the whole place looking spick-and-span, he even did the dishes 🙂


 December 1, 2015 – One things Brandon has had the pleasure of learning about me over the past two years is that I get waaaay stressed out way too easily. I’m working on it, but something about getting home from a trip (on which Eleanor hardly slept) to a mountain of homework, a midterm, final, and a test just sent me over the edge. Today when I had gotten alisa 1home from class Brandon said, “Why don’t I take Ella for the next two hours so you can get your work done.” And then the entire time he had Ella he played with her, hung picture frames, cleaned the house, and did the laundry. Sigh. I’m a lucky lady 🙂

December 5, 2015 – The past couple of weeks Eleanor has had a really tough time sleeping. Poor girl. Last was the culmination of all the tough nights of sleep combined (that may be a bit dramatic, but at 4 am everything is a bit dramatic). Brandon came in and saved the night by taking her for a long drive to help her sleep (and stay asleep) and letting me get a precious few hours. I’m so grateful that I him to brave this adventure with.

alisa 1 December 11, 2015 – Fridays this semester have been wild for me because of the chemistry class I’m taking. Today was the LAST Friday that we had to endure, and boy was it a doozy. Brandon made it all better, though, by making us dinner (quesadilla burgers – seriously delish) and timing it perfectly for when I finished my lab report.


December 15, 2015 – My bathroom has been screaming at me to clean it, but we’re in the middle of finals, people, so something had to wait! Today I reached my breaking point though. I didn’t really have all the cleaning supplies that I needed, but I did have toilet cleaner. When I left for the store to get the supplies Brandon surprised me by having the toilet clean when I got home 🙂

alisa 1 January 12, 2016 -School started last week, and while I love that my schedule lets me be home everyday after 12:30, my body doesn’t love waking up early everyday. Today Brandon and I were trying to take advantage of Ella’s nap time, but she wasn’t so fond of the idea. Without a word Brandon got up and played with her while I finished taking my nap 🙂

January 15, 2016 – Today was a crazy day for me. I had class all morning and then I had to work in the Wellness Center on campus during the afternoon. I had one half-hour break between my classes and working. Brandon brought Ella to campus so I could see/feed her and he surprised me with lunch that he packed 🙂

alisa 1 January 26, 2015 – Tonight while I was working on my 29 page study guide for my aerobics class (Why do we have a 29 page study guide for an aerobics class? I don’t know. Don’t ask me). I was stressing pretty hard and having a pretty bad attitude. Brandon had to take his little brother Elliott home and while he was out he stopped by Taco Bell and brought me a crunch wrap slider. Fun fact number 11 about me: I LOVE Taco Bell

February 2, 2016 – The last two nights have been late ones for me. And I just can’t say enough about how wonderful Brandon has been. Monday night he stayed up with me while I finished my assignments and studied for my quiz, and then he declared a mandatory nap time for today, and he played with Ella while I napped. And tonight while I was working on an assignment until late he folded the laundry and cleaned the kitchen like it was no big deal. I’m not so sure what I did to deserve such a thoughtful and serving husband, but boy do I love him 🙂





ClaireCircleMarch 15, 2016 My husband is the coolest. Yesterday was my birthday and I cannot tell you how much he spoiled me. First I wake up to the wonderful smell of breakfast in bed. He has class early in the morning so he woke up at 5 to go to the store, make me breakfast and enjoy it with me so he would still be on time for his class.  What a guy.


AlisaCircleMarch 15, 2015 – First of all, lately I have been obsessed with pizza. I didn’t really think it was much of a problem until Brandon showed me this YouTube video called “If Adults Acted like Toddlers” just to show me the part about pizza. Anyway, today Brandon casually asked me what our plans were for dinner when he surprised me with pizza! Haha. He just gets me 🙂

March 18, 2015 – Every single Friday this semester Brandon has made me a lunch and brought Ella to come see me in my 1/2 hour break between classes and working in the Wellness Center. It’s the cutest thing ever and the highlight of my week 🙂



March 30, 2015 – This week I have 5 tests and 3 projects due… pretty much I have no time to breathe, let alone sleep. I had a very late night last night followed by an early morning this morning to put together a portfolio for one of my classes that was due at 9:20 this morning. Brandon got up with Ella this morning, got her dressed, grabbed a snack for me, and got the car running while I frantically finished my project in the nick of time. And when I got out of class he told me to eat some lunch and take a nap 🙂



AClaireCirclepril 7, 2016 Brantley has helped me so much lately. Finals week is always crazy, but on top of that I also have  my big Praxis test. B has been so good about stepping in with Maya when I need to study and it has been a life savor





May 6, 2016 – This summer Brandon is working super long hours. He’s gone 12.5 to 13 hours a day. He comes home tired and exhausted every night, and understandably so! However, he is always so happy to see me when he gets home and so happy to see AlisaCircleElla when she wakes up. It’s the sweetest things and I really appreciate all the effort he puts into make up for all the time he has to be away… Last night Ella had the worst night of sleep that I can remember. Despite having to get up and go to work this morning, Brandon got up with her super early and let me sleep in. I’m one super lucky mama 🙂

May 16, 2016 – Last week was a very rough week emotionally. Everything is all better now and worked out perfectly, but in the moment last week when I was sure everything was going to turn out to be the worst case scenario I was so soo sad. I called Brandon at work on Thursday in hysterical tears. He came home immediately and held me on the couch for hours while I cried AlisaCircleand cried. He helped feed Ella and put her to bed and then went and got dinner and ice cream for us, and then he held me more. I had never felt someone’s love, care, and concern so strongly before, and it was exactly what I needed that night. Thanks, honey!

 July 18, 2016 – I have been wanting to write like a zillion posts along the lines of this one, but up until today my pregnancy has been a secret so I didn’t want to risk spilling the beans. Brandon has been a champ this entire pregnancy! He has been so caring, kind, and supportive. I seriously can’t say enough about how awesome he’s been. Here is just a taste of the things he has done to make this as easy as possible for me: He stopped and got me a chicken sandwich one night when that was all I wanted, he makes sure that I know it’s alright to nap when Ella is napping, one night                                  I saw an add for SweetTarts and he left like two minutes later to go get them for me, When Ella and I got back into town from visiting my family                                      he had stocked the fridge with my favorite drink… seriously, I could go on, but I think you get the picture. He is amazing, and I am the luckiest 🙂

AlisaCircle September 25, 2016 – I’ve realized recently that almost all of my “honey dids” have to do with food or sleep. Haha. I guess that says a lot about me. This one has to do with both, though, which should say something about Brandon and how awesome he is. Saturday night Brandon went to the grocery store while I slept and he came home with gummy worms and chocolate milk (yay pregnancy cravings). He just gets me. And he’s awesome.

January 10, 2017- I have such a stud of a husband.  He has done so much for me in the past little while that I honestly have wondered how I was able to get him.  Since being pregnant again, I have had the WORST itchy skin.  I don’t know if thats from my skin stretching or what but its just always awful.  It was so late at night and he had just gotten done playing basketball and Brantley went out into a stinking SNOW STORM to go get me some benadryl.  So sweet and so simple. Made all the difference that night.

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