Joyful Today

*Personal*, Claire

Coping with Postpartum Depression

    There is no easy way to explain what postpartum depression is like. It is a confusing thing when you have been given the most precious gift in the world of a sweet baby, but you feel completely hopeless. Since I was 20 weeks pregnant with my sweet Maya, I have been dealing with depression. I had never struggled with it prior. I remember standing in the kitchen and feeling utterly defeated. I stood over the dirty dishes, my t-shirt wet because my pregnant belly was leaning up  ...

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*DIY*, Alisa

DIY Fall Decor

I’ve mentioned before that Brandon and I have moved quite a bit since we’ve been married, and the thing is – that’s not about to change. We’re moving again in the next couple of months (right before baby #2 is due ?). Because of our nomad tendencies I’ve been really hesitant to decorate really at all, but especially for the holidays. I’ve had enough of the non-festiveness, though, and I’ve found that there are definite solutions to decorating  ...

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*DIY*, Claire

Cake Decorating Essentials for Beginners

For the past 6 weeks, Brantley has been selling pest control all day, everyday.  It has also been the first time that I have been home with Maya all day by myself with nothing really to do. Long story short, I started to find things to do to occupy my time.  Mainly, it was watching youtube videos of people decorating cakes. I know exactly how my obsession with this started too. I was planning Maya’s birthday party on a lonely afternoon while my baby was napping and I came across the  ...

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*Organization*, Alisa

Tiny Kitchen Organization Tips

We’ve moved a lot in our not-quite-three-years of marriage. Like a LOT. This is our seventh apartment we’ve lived in together and it has, by far, the tiniest kitchen of all. I’m not complaining though! It has a dishwasher, so I really have no room to complain. However, it has definitely taken some creativity to make everything fit in a tidy, usable way. When we first moved in I just put stuff in the cupboards without much thought and it fit alright, but I had an entire  ...

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